join bisexualism

welcome to bisexualism, a webring for bi people of all genders on the personal web! ♥
the only requirements to joining are to be bisexual and have your own personal website! if you'd like to join please read the rules below and send in an application


  • be bisexual
  • have a website. you need to be able to place the webring widget [HTML/JS] on your site! [no carrd/linktree/social media]
  • no hate speech/bigoted content/TERFs or harmful misinformation
  • NSFW/graphic content must have a warning beforehand
  • eat hot chip

step 1

fill out the form below and submit it!
* = required

emails stay private - i will email you when you've been added!

step 2

after you've been added, add the code below where you want the webring to appear!

use the code below for a customizable text widget

add the code below to your CSS to customize the text webrings appareance

all buttons will be downloaded and hosted on my server

if you dont have a button a placeholder will be used instead!

if you need anything updated or would like to be removed from the webring, please email me at with your site name and any! changes you need!