welcome to bisexualism, a webring for bi people of all genders on the personal web! ♥
the only requirements to joining are to be bisexual and have your own personal website! if you'd like to join please read the rules below and send in an application


  • be bisexual
  • have a personal website. you need to be able to place the webring widget [HTML/JS] on your site! [no carrds or linktree/carrd-like sites]
  • no hate speech/bigoted content/TERFs or harmful misinformation
  • NSFW/graphic content must have a warning beforehand
  • eat hot chip

join bisexualism

step 1

fill out the form below and email it to emeowly@protonmail.com with "bisexualism webring" somewhere in the subject line!

site name/webmaster name:
site URL:
short description:
button URL*:

*all buttons will be downloaded and hosted on my server

*if you dont have a button, leave this blank and a placeholder button can be used in place on the memberslist

if you need any info updated please send an updated application with "update" somewhere in the subject line! if your link has been broken or the widget is gone from your site for longer than a month you may be removed from the ring to keep it functional and avoid isolating other members in the ring. please send in another application if you want to re-join!

step 2

after you've been added, add the widget code below where you want the webring to appear!

add the code below to your CSS to customize the webrings appareance

dripping button with the colors of the bisexual flag and black inside. the words "bisexualism webring" bounce and alternate